59 + Glasses + Uri = HOT!

No blog ... but YES LJ!

well since my blog is right now half dead and half  IdonotknowwhereIwillgonow I decided to take advatage of having a LJ account hahaha and well I think I will start using this more often but I will make it Friends-Only why? because sometimes I want to write thing I do not want everybody read them hahaha [besides there's my blog] and I want to just post stupid things and so on ... so I think this will be the only one public ... *gotta start working on the frineds only banner*

Well too much shitty chat and more action ... these days had been SOOOO STRESSFUL x_x I even thought of leaving the Internet [now you know at what point of stress I was :s] but after 12672356470 reeses cups I decided not to leave hahaha [beisdes I have an armor-project on hands too *chuckles* ]

but oh well I just wanted to write something!! I need my blog and FMA too ;___;

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59 + Glasses + Uri = HOT!

Akari is here =D

Sorry :P but I need to post, your layout is ready ^^ I hope you like it, Ruki; and I made a special avatar of Mika!Nana for you (sorry, I deleted 1 avatar but.. It's Mika @: xD). I love you so much.


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